Succesvolle redding Duitsland

Poseidon system helps rescue drowning victim in German pool

Live pictures from the scene show dramatic near drowning and rescue of heart attack victim.

Paris , March 16, 2004 – Vision IQ announced today that its Poseidon system, the benchmark in computer aided drowning detection systems, helped lifeguards detect and rescue an elderly drowning victim in a German pool. Poseidon serves as a lifeguard’s “third eye” to help prevent drowning tragedies in public, lifeguarded swimming pools.

The accident happened last week during the lunch hour in a German pool equipped with Poseidon, when a man suffered a heart attack during his regular swim session. The man quickly sunk to the bottom of the pool at the deep end. Ten seconds later, the Poseidon system detected him and sounded the alarm to lifeguards, who rescued the victim and pulled him out of the water.

Images 1 and 2 Victim starts to sink and reaches the bottom of the pool, still moving. Other swimmers in pool unaware of victim

Redding in Duitsland
LxB: 25 x 33
Diepte: 2 à 3,80 m
Redding: March 2004

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